About me

Who am I? Greek by birth, tri-lingual (Greek, French and English) by education, European by choice, a language glutton by vocation (I am also fluent in Italian and Dutch, and have a working knowledge of Spanish and Swedish).

What do I do? I wear many hats when it comes to languages. I am a translator, an editor and proofreader, as well as a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language and for specific purposes (e.g. Business English). I’m also currently training to become a copywriter – watch this space!
My professional experience includes 13 years spent first as freelance Lawyer-Linguist for the European Central Bank (2 years), followed by 11 years as translator/editor at EUROPOL. I have been running my own company since 2016.
My academic background is in Law (I hold an LLB from the University of Athens), Arts and Humanities/languages (BA in English from the University of Athens and MA in English literature and language from the University of Nottingham), and in the Social Sciences (I was awarded a PGCert in Criminology from the University of Portsmouth).

What do I do best? My fields of specialisation have been shaped both by my studies and my personal interests. I work with legal (contracts, policy and other documents for several EU agencies and the ICC, etc.), medical (PILs, clinical evaluations of clinical devices, etc.), commercial (transcreation of marketing texts, advertising brochures, etc.), and publishing (translation of exhibition catalogues, monographs and essays on art and artists, etc.) texts.
My own interests are many and varied; they range from wine-making and cooking to psychoanalysis, from linguistics to social theory and politics. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to work for (satisfied) clients in many of these fields.

How do I do what I do? I have mastered various IT tools, ranging from the Microsoft Office Suite to the latest iterations of (online and offline) CAT tools. I am very glad to be living in the Internet age: the mind-blowing amount of information available satisfies my personal curiosity and answers any questions I may have regarding complex and specialised terminology.
For the final touches to any translation, I rely on that most old-fashioned of tools: my eyes – reading and re-reading the texts I have produced to make sure that they not only accurately convey the meaning of the original but that they also read as if they were written in the target language all along.

You can contact me for a free quote at info@metaphrasis.eu